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Ignite the magic in your spaces with LumiNova, the rechargeable candle lamp!

Our LumiNova is much more than just a simple night light, it's the perfect accomplice for any atmosphere, transforming your bedroom, living room, or even a romantic dinner into a fairytale. Its exquisite design, enriched with a brass-coated metal base, exudes modern sophistication that adds unique charm to your home.

Inspired by the warmth of candlelight, LumiNova features a candle-like breathing light, emitting a soft and warm 1800K glow that recreates a magical, romantic ambiance. And best of all, this portable lamp boasts a Type-C interface for quick charging, guaranteeing you the beauty of its glow at any time.

But LumiNova isn't just about its aesthetic beauty, it also stands out in functionality. With ultra-long standby time courtesy of its 3.7V 2500mAh lithium polymer battery, this rechargeable candle lamp has the versatility to cater to all your moods, creating delightful moments and places in time. Plus, its stepless dimming rotation allows you precise control of the light, from 1% to 100% of its capacity.

LumiNova is compact enough to take the light with you wherever you want, and robust enough to withstand working temperatures from -10 to 40℃.

Experience the pleasure of elegant, high-performance lighting. Make LumiNova your choice for adding that spark of charm to your spaces, and let it do the rest. The magic begins here!

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