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PageGlow Pro

PageGlow Pro

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We introduce the PageGlow Pro, your ideal ally for reading moments. The PageGlow Pro comes with LED technology has been created with you and your lighting needs in mind. Are you a fan of night reading? The PageGlow Pro will make that experience even more enjoyable!

Standing out with its brightness and temperature adjustment, this clip-on reading light will adapt to your needs, providing you with the perfect lighting that will make you feel comfortable, regardless of whether it's day or night. With 3 brightness levels and 3 temperature settings, you have complete control to customize your lighting to your liking.

The soft white light of the LED lens offers gentle illumination designed with your eye protection in mind. Its amber glow blocks 99.95% of blue light at a color temperature of 1800K, which helps to protect your eyes from damage when reading for extended periods of time.

The flexible stand of the PageGlow Pro allows you to shape it at any angle you choose, offering a 90° horizontal rotation to the left and right for your convenience. With its mini-size design and lightweight construction, this rechargeable reading light is perfect for attaching to your books or even for use as a bookmark on long journeys, whether on planes or trains.

Additionally, the built-in lithium battery requires only 1.5 hours of charging time and can last up to 8 hours on brightness settings, say goodbye to money wasted on batteries! Light up your reading nights with the PageGlow Pro, today. Are you ready to revolutionize your reading moments?

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